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    As if I didn’t have enough to be grateful to Noon for. I now count her responsible for joining me forever to some legendary souls that now comprise my mom tribe. She is my all-access pass to this new crop of loving women I could only dream of being in the presence of, otherwise. When I became a mom I feared mommy groups because I felt like they all were gonna tell me to wear sweatpants and give up on life. When a friend of mine started a mom group, I skeptically joined, and as the saying goes the rest is history. These women are an extension of my Tribe.…

  • Breastfeeding the ultimate toddler travel hack
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    This year noon will be 3. She’s walking and talking questioning her existence and demanding more of me than I am ready to give on most Thursday’s. I cuddle her and giggle with her. We pick flowers and play peekaboo and yes we’re still breastfeeding. Everyone who knows me knows I’m breastfeeding I’m open about it and do it unabashedly. I’ve never had a negative experience or had someone request for me to cover or leave an establishment. Aside from all the stellar health benefits for me and my little our breastfeeding journey is still going strong because breastfeeding is the ultimate travel hack. More room For Cute Clothes I…


    On might and motherhood

    Motherhood is two sides to the same coin, it’s realizing what complex individuals our mothers were at our age. Learning that even though they were our whole wide world they were still coming into thier own. Learning this lesson through living it, through looking down into the wide eyes of your greatest creations and wondering who is this magical being they revere. It’s coming into your magic in the warm glow of the magic of another.  It’s so easy to stop showing up in love, it’s hard work to love someone through their pain grief and sadness show up in so many ways for so many of us. As a…

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    Airplane Travel With A Toddler | Wear This

    After flying on over 30 flights in the last two years with my daughter I’d like to think I’ve perfected the formula for what to wear during airplane travel with a toddler, enter, my travel uniform. Since I’ve discovered Little Gypsy Co I haven’t gotten on a plane, without throwing on one of their dresses, well I did once and I’m still regretting it. These dresses are cute and comfy and layer like a dream! They lack pockets, which means I never absentmindedly put something in them only to later forget said confiscated trinket in my pocket when going through TSA checkpoints So if you’re not going to heed my advise and live…

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    My mother had this bag in the 70’s, as a child I played with it and filled it with my treasures. Three decades later my daughter has one too. I scoured the entire village if Hoi An to find a matching ark bag tiny enough for my little Noon’s toddler hands. Only one store in the whole town carried it (for the highest price) but that memory will never leave me. It was a hard-won victory forever woven into the very bamboo fibers of this ark bag. Every time she picks it up I’m instantly transported back to the narrow alleyways, marigold-hued buildings of Hoi An, and our first solo mother-daughter trip to Vietnam. Children accumulate…

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      Every time I travel to Kuala Lumpur I make a stop at the Batu Caves. There is something magical about getting to the very top and experiencing this Fern Gully type of hidden kingdom. My most recent trip to the Batu caves was with a toddler in tow.     TIPS FOR VISITING THE BATU CAVES WITH KIDS BRING WATER: It seems obvious I mean you’re in a tropical climate for goodness sake but I’ve seen many people who don’t want the added weight of the water so they make it half way up and are completely spent. Especially with a bouncing baby in tow. You need water, bring it. DITCH THE STROLLER: There…

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    I stumbled across my Elementary School Year Book recently and saw that it said I wanted to be a fashion designer. I dismissed this, tucked it away somewhere and kept going with my life. One day watching my daughter run and jump and laugh and frolic did I realize that this very moment had been created by me. My daughter pushed forth from my loins, my greatest creation yet, ran wildly through the streets of New York her clothes billowing behind her, trying desperately to keep up, were my own design. Id housed these clothes in my heart long before she erupted into the world. I’m standing there in a matching dress realizing that…

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    21 days to launch

    My mother passed away when I was 21. She passed from a rare (essentially) incurable cancer, taking with her, a mothers love, and my entire history. I no longer have access to a woman older than me that share my blood. There is no one to impart me with the history of my people, or where on this path of life a rattlesnake lies waiting to pounce. I don’t know how we’ve soothes crying babies for generations or the song I was rocked to sleep at night with, the same as my mother or my mother before me. I feel this loss of feminine protectors at my very core. It…